Will You Be Celebrating The Jubilee This Year ?

With such an important Jubilee for the Queen this year, now felt a good time to reminisce on past Jubilee’s with this collection of images. As the country prepares itself for a long bank holiday of fun and games these photographs remind us of the traditions of past Jubilees and how people in the UK celebrate! This Platinum Jubilee year will celebrate Her Majesty becoming the first British Monarch to celebrate a Jubilee after 70 years of service. That is definitely an extremely respectable amount of time to have dedicated your life 100% to your country and no doubt something rightly to be celebrated across the nation by young and old.

As a photojournalist David Hicks has taken images from around the world and country documenting people and their reactions, behaviours, and habits. The Diamond Jubilee was the last Jubilee event photographed and recorded by the Hicks perceptively enquiring eye. A personal view of the day of the flotilla, taken on or around Hick’s boat on the Thames. It was a miserable day, but the flags still flew in a stiff upper lip kind of way. It is fascinating to be a people watcher, a little guilty pleasure we al indulge in now and then, whilst noting people’s various ways of celebrating — the patriotism, the nostalgia, the food and drink, the decorations or even the disinterest !

Big screens will be set up this Jubilee bank holiday in London, Edinburgh and Cardiff, broadcasting the events taking place to celebrate this amazing 70 year reign. With over 70,000 Big Jubilee lunches planned and an expected 10 million people organising jubilee neighbouring events, picnics and street parties where the nation and the Commonwealth will unite to celebrate this milestone and pay tribute to the Queen .

In these difficult times why don’t we all make the most of celebrations and enjoy the day and the occasion given to us all by the Queen and her hard work over the years. Let’s have a drink or two and celebrate this, most probably, final Queen Elizabeth Jubilee with fun, happiness and glee abandonment !

Written by: Lisa Freeman


After twenty-five years as an experienced arts PR, Lisa is now further expanding her focus within the art world to develop PR and Marketing campaigns within all sectors of arts and culture, from art galleries to exhibitions, as well as individual artist & photographers campaigns and charity art foundations.



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