Who Wants To Go On Safari Again?

Present circumstances as they are in Sri Lanka have made times very tough for the nation, indeed as they are across the world, due to the pandemic and its ongoing repercussions. As the people of Sri Lanka battle to keep their economy afloat with the country running out of petrol, this has of course also had a massive knock-on effect on their travel and tourist industry. Times have sadly changed from when this collection of images was taken. Brits have now been warned to avoid travelling to the country unless absolutely necessary, as the shortages of medicine and food is also becoming a critical factor in their troubles.

As a photojournalist though, the importance of the job is to document the world and the changes it must navigate and to share this with as many people possible through photography PR and social media sharing. Some documentations are positive and others less so and sadly there are now so many countries whose people are struggling that the bad times are documented more than ever.

But looking back on better times can hopefully create some reflective moments of comfort where we can attempt to enjoy these images and try to look forward to the return of a global economic balance.

A collection of images that captured these times can be seen in a project by photojournalist David Hicks whose images are shown in this feature. David’s words on this collection explain his thoughts on why he photographed these images.’ Safaris collection of photographs was taken many years ago when going on safari was booming. When the hunters become the hunted! This happens to be the good side of safari, where tourists flock to see wild animals roaming at peace in large spaces. No rifles, no hunting, and no disgusting acts of senseless violence against innocent animals that you’ve seen in the news. Instead, people are just keeping a distance, enjoying the view and shooting with cameras.’ Now, as it happens, David got a bit bored of photographing animals, so he turned his camera onto the other jeeps, and the safaris in Sri Lanka!

Conspicuous by their absence it is unusual to see a collection of safari images and no animals, but David has very cleverly created a completely fresh angle on the safari. We the viewers are left to imagine the animals being excitedly spotted in the distance! Photographs capture a specific moment — who is enjoying the safari, have they seen any animals yet, is anyone actually bored? The images raise more questions than answers whilst conveying the safari event with David Hicks’s usual sense of humour and mischief!

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