The Undertones Front-Man Feargal Sharkey is Yet Again Campaigning For the Protection of Our Rivers and Seas

Water firms are being forced to reduce the amount of sewage they dump into the ocean and rivers in a government U-turn following major public discontentment. This comes after Tory MPs voted only 2 days ago to allow such companies to pour raw sewage into rivers and seas. Maps have since revealed beauty spots where waste has been discharged by water companies, causing further outcry amongst campaigners and residents.

The marine conservation charity Surfers Against Sewage have also shared the map they maintain that highlights the worst-hit locations. Calling attention to 20 of the most affected beaches along the Sussex and Hampshire coast, SAS shows the pollution of locations such as Bognor Regis, Hastings, Saltdean near Brighton, and Shanklin on the Isle of Wight.

The Rivers Trust has also released a second map showing where the sewage enters local rivers. The amount of sewage being deposited in these areas has called for the Trust to warn people of the dangers of entering the water immediately downstream, especially after rainfall.

Only 2 days ago, and after Tory MPs voted to allow the continuation of sewage dumping, Government environmental officials declared the amount of waste being discharged into rivers and seas by companies was ‘unacceptable’. They also announced that over 400,000 sewage deposits have been accounted for in this year alone.

And from Top of the Pops to campaigning for our waterways, we’re glad to see our good friend Feargal Sharkey doing everything he can to spread awareness and combat this issue. Criticising the falsity of the Government after their sewage vote a few days ago, Sharkey said Prime Minister Boris Johnson will be practising “hypocrisy on a global scale” when he hosts the world leaders in Glasgow at the Cop26 summit.

Sharkey continues to lead the campaign against sewage in rivers and seas, and his advocacy is admirable — we are behind you every step of the way.




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Quite Great PR

Quite Great PR

Quite Great is a pr company working with charities, artists, musicians and brands. An honorable trustworthy PR agency since 1996.

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