Striking The Right Note — The Power of Music to Connect and Unite

October 1st marks International Music Day and since its inception in 1975, people around the world have marked the date by celebrating the power of music to unite societies, communities and people.

International Music Day

International Music Day was the brainchild of renowned violinist and composer, Lord Yehudi Menuhin. When President of the International Music Council, he wrote a letter to council members advocating the power of music to strengthen relationships and bridge cultural gaps among communities. Upholding Menuhin’s belief, the Council decided to proclaim October 1st as International Music Day, a date which has been celebrated ever since. So, was Menuhin right — does music have the power to unite people and societies?

The Importance of Music

Music is an essential aspect of all human civilisations, informing our sense of cultural identity and traditions which are passed down from generation to generation. At the core of our everyday experience with music, we use it to relax, express ourselves and generally improve our well-being. We connect with others via music, especially those who produce or perform it — we recite their lyrics, dance to their melodies, and form a sense of shared connection.

When people from one culture exchange music with each other, they gain valuable insight into another way of life. But more than that, it can also unite and build bridges between countries and communities. You only have to look at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest to see how people from around Europe showed their solidarity and support for Ukraine by voting them to the top spot.

Members of Ukraine’s “Kalush Orchestra” celebrate onstage after winning Eurovision

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