Local Business, Local Employment, Local Finance, Local Success — Who Really Cares?

After the last two years suffering lockdowns & covid the business and emotional landscape has changed for many. People have feared for their health, families health, their jobs and indeed the future but this in turn has created, amongst many a feeling of unity and bonding, something that perhaps began with clapping on our doorstep or out of our windows. Small businesses were forced to embrace the situation as much as they could and adapt in the most positive way they could and hope and pray their customers & staff would have the same ethos. With this same dogged determination, many of us have also become much more appreciative of local businesses, not just their bank accounts but the fact that they are human and their mental health, their families, their hopes and dreams and the struggles they have had to face and how with client and customer loyalty they can still hopefully keep their businesses going.

From the local community pockets of London to Manchester, Cambridgeshire to Yorkshire across the country people were supporting each other through lockdowns and this is something so important to embrace and continue. Whether it’s your local high street, village store or local craftsman these businesses all generate employment as well as revenue to support local libraries, parks, roads and a feeling of community so vital to people’s well being after a tough time. However as we hopefully move away from lockdowns we now have the backlash of the past couple of years and the effects of financial initiatives like furlough as well as rising bills.

As a local business in Cambridge we fully appreciate how valuable this local support is and how our loyalty to local businesses is in turn so important in re-establishing confidence, which is something that will always create success, one way or another.

In Cambridge we are incredibly lucky to have an amazing tapestry of fantastic local businesses and entrepreneurs, from the village deli and farm shops to the village gin makers and restaurants. These artisans are invaluable within the community and offer so much and supporting them is vital and not really too much of a struggle! I mean, being lucky enough to be invited to Cambridge Gin distillery for a ‘Gin Experience’ was a wonderful treat ! Their central Cambridge shop has a great display of gins and the laboratory set up where you can have a very educationally gin based ‘class’, but all the real laboratory workings happen in Grantchester. It is just great to know that what you are tasting has been created from botanicals just down your road, gathered in places like along Grantchester meadows and the Cambridge Botanical Gardens. So much to learn and appreciate about your local gin and good to know that this is a local business, in an extremely competitive market that we can enjoy and support.

Cambridge Gin distillery

Running a restaurant during these times has no doubt been a huge challenge but the positive power of so many local restaurateurs and their ability to adapt with home deliveries and more interactive online menus has been inspiring. We are proud to work with vegan restaurant Stem & Glory and Cambridge based founder Louise Palmer-Masterton, whose positive spirit and determination to keep serving her customers has been rewarded with their loyalty, as she continues to grow, now set to open her third branch in London. Our recent visit was just delicious, just the best vegan pizza and King oyster bowl, and the multiseed crackers are just the best ever!

Vegan Food — Stem & Glory Cambridge

So let’s keep it going and appreciate what is around us, buying our coffee from the local coffee man or independent means so much more to our economy and ultimately much better for the greener planet we all hope for than the Starbucks trip. Supporting local is vital and so many of us do care and are showing this with our feet and money, which is really quite great!

To discuss how we can help you and your brand reach your target , contact us via ask@quitegreat.co.uk or skype us at QUITEGR8 , we look forward to hearing from you .




Quite Great is a pr company working with charities, artists, musicians and brands. An honorable trustworthy PR agency since 1996. http://www.quitegreat.co.uk

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Quite Great PR

Quite Great PR

Quite Great is a pr company working with charities, artists, musicians and brands. An honorable trustworthy PR agency since 1996. http://www.quitegreat.co.uk

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