Is The Best Photographer a Digital One?

Questions about settings use on cameras, asking about aperture, exposure, contrast, shutter speed and the list goes on, can be dull! We are in a world of digital, so why not take advantage of that? Many photographers said goodbye to film a long time ago and have never looked back.

What’s the point frantically changing settings, pushing buttons and twisting dials when the photo you’ve come to capture has disappeared? Lonely Planet photography highlights these moments in time.

Sydney Opera House

Focus and depth of field can be the most important aspect of your final successful photograph, where the photography tells a story of a moment in time. A feeling! Digital gives this unique instantaneous moment that photographers strive to capture, seen clearly in photographers like the impressive top travel photographer David Hicks Street Photography By Photojournalist David Hicks (, who loves nothing more than wandering the streets, marvelling at how we human beings live and curating these stories in his photography collections.

Jakarta, Indonesia

We are surrounded by digital so let’s not shy away from it. The Telegraph recently wrote an article about a man who gambled his ‘new kitchen fund’, investing it into digital art which made him £500K — impressive. It shows us that however much we may not want to admit it, digital is the way forward.

So, although we may be unable to provide you with all the camera technique info, what we can do is link a YouTube video tutorial for anyone who wishes to improve their knowledge on camera settings and manual functionality. Remember to learn from your camera, make mistakes, it’s all about trial and error. Thank us later!



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