In a world of digital, ETC are empowering young women with newly introduced programme ‘Code Queen’

Codename… Queen!

In the current light, the whole world has taken to the internet with high hopes for an answer. An answer to numb the pain caused by the pandemic, the globe has gone digital. Educating the Children take centre stage with hopes for unemployed young women in Africa to take their next step into Software Engineering.

Celebrating ten years of empowering women, ETC are a UK-registered charity who are completely thinking outside the box. Aiming to provide support to young women in East Africa with education and training, their mission leads to formal employment. With their slogan ‘Giving Every Girl a Chance’, ETC’s innovative programme ‘Code Queen’ first piloted back in July 2019.

‘Code Queen’ is a programme that allows young girls in East Africa to gain the methods and skills that are needed within everyday work life. Learning about code and beyond, successful graduates gain contacts from businesses, head-hunters, universities and youth-based organisations. As we take every moment as it comes and young women learn to adapt from school closures across the globe, ‘Code Queen’ has now been developed for remote access.

With deaths from the Pandemic being around 1% and cases in general being 3%, we’re not talking about the 50% living in poverty from the virus in East Africa enough. Young girls go to school or in this case, to ETC’s base to escape poverty and be motivated. Simply becoming a necessity to East Africa, ETC are a critical asset for their future.

A case study for their importance, PHYLLIS was part of the first sector of Code Queen in Uganda, and now is currently working on a 2 year contract as an IT consultant for Tata in New Delhi.

Obviously, there’s growing demand and success coming from this programme. ETC are currently looking to scale in order to bring opportunities to even more young women. Giving these talented young girls a pedestal to stand on and shoot for the stars, the world is aching for positivity and hope, and that’s exactly what ETC are all about.

We need more people like ETC in the world. Empowering young women that anything is possible, THIS is what the world needs right now and I can’t stress that enough.

Words by Chloe Mogg




Quite Great is a pr company working with charities, artists, musicians and brands. An honorable trustworthy PR agency since 1996.

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Quite Great PR

Quite Great PR

Quite Great is a pr company working with charities, artists, musicians and brands. An honorable trustworthy PR agency since 1996.

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