How to Cope With Holiday Depression

It’s that time of year for thousands across the globe…

Just Checking In — Episode 4 covers How to Cope with Holiday Depression

Chloe Mogg, one of the writers here at Quite Great hosts ‘Just Checking In’ — a new series that talks about the importance of raising awareness for mental health and invisible disabilities. Welcome back, today’s topic shares ‘How to Cope with Holiday Depression’.

‘Just Checking In’ is a helping hand as such and something that will hopefully raise more awareness for these conditions. We want this new segment to be something that gives artists in the industry who suffer with mental health problems and disabilities that platform that they deserve. We’ll be covering many different pointers including some advice videos, interviews from people in the industry and hearing their story, to a lot more too.

Episode 1: Introduction —
Episode 2: Is COVID-19 causing a surge of long-term chronic illnesses? —
Episode 3: 5 Ways to Reduce Anxiety —

Watch Episode 4 below.



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