Bandcamp may only be twelve years old, a baby in terms of traditional retail, but in online years, that could almost count as veteran. For those who may not have heard of it, Bandcamp is an online platform where independent music artists can set up their own ‘storefronts’ to sell digital downloads, physical CDs and other merchandise. It is, without doubt, a wonderful site to discover new artists, and to support those artists directly. Online success is often a double-edged sword, however — with so many musicians signed up, it’s easy for a act to get lost in the crowd.

Kurt Cobain playing drums at an assembly at Montesano High School, Montesano, Washington, US, 1981

Nirvana’s Nevermind, which turns thirty years old this month, is an album that was never likely to be forgotten. Many elements combine here: the record’s now iconic cover — a submerged baby swimming towards a dollar bill; the tragic death of lead singer Kurt Cobain, the fact that the record crested a wave of a particular style of music and, of course, the music itself, including the immensely successful single and accompanying video, “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” …

Brazilian star Caetano Veloso

In today’s global age, it might be surprising to learn that there are many multi-million-selling, award-winning music artists who remain little-known to the English-speaking world. ‘Foreign-language’ acts are notoriously difficult to break into new territories, perhaps in part down to presumptions made as to the record-buying public’s taste. South Korean boy-band phenomenon BTS may signal a changing of the tide. What is certain is that, for those willing (and there are surely many) to open their ears to their non-native tongue, a wealth of wonderful music awaits.

So who are the most famous acts we might not have heard of…

Steampunk is a movement, a creative outlet and an art-form which embraces literature, painting, photography, fashion, music, film and a myriad other avenues of expression. Its origins lie in the first wave of science fiction writing, which arose during the Victorian era, and with early film pioneers such as Marie-Georges-Jean Méliès. At its heart, steampunk fuses the old (particularly Victorian and Edwardian) with futuristic technology, creating a fascinating hybrid which is nether new nor historic. Presented below are ten talents whose work embraces the steampunk aesthetic.

Fritz Lang

Highly influential German-American film-maker Fritz Lang covered many genres. His career coincided…

Capturing the sensation of movement on a two-dimensional canvas has long proved both a challenge and an inspiration for artists and photographers alike. The human form in motion, especially when dancing, remains one of nature’s most compelling visions and, throughout the years, creatives have sought to translate that magic to a still form. Here are ten talents, historical and contemporary, whose work has explored this area, in myriad and fascinating ways.

David Hicks

“I like wandering around towns and streets, marvelling about how we, human beings, live,” says photographer David Hicks, whose striking pictures of tango players and dancers perfectly capture the…

World Photography Day is an annual, worldwide celebration of the art, craft, science and history of photography. This gives so many of us a great opportunity to appreciate and enjoy some of the most stunning photography from photographic artists across the world. So many to choose from that this is not an easy task but some of our favourites are listed her from the lesser well known to the insta favourites.

World Photography Day

Quite Great Top Five World Photographer’s Choice

David Hicks

World Photography Day this year will be a day for us all to appreciate stunning photographic images from across the world, in a time when so many…

The intimate relationship between music and art goes back a long way, quite possibly to a time before recorded history. Creatives and scientists agree that engaging in one process whilst listening to audio stimulus will directly affect the results. Jackson Pollock painted to a soundtrack of bebop pioneer Dizzy Gillespie.

The works of street-artist Jean-Michel Basquiat are synonymous with the birth of hip-hop. Presented here below are just ten great examples of how these two disciplines intertwine — five musicians whose creativity embraced the art world, and five visual artists whose works are most famously associated with music.

Hollywood Africans (1983), Jean-Michel Basquiat. Whitney Museum of American Art, New York. © The Estate of Jean-Michel Basquiat; licensed by Artestar, New York; Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York; ADAGP, Paris

James McNeill Whistler

Whistler titled…

With World Photography Day on August 19th, this felt like a great time to talk about photography and our choices of black and white or colour photography as a preference.

Black and white photography or monochromatic photography is of course the original photography that we all know with colour not actually even appearing until 1861. Hugely influential on so many artists from the Impressionists, Degas, Muybridge and his pioneering movement photography through to Hockney. It is probably mostly a personal choice as to which you prefer but both offer their own challenges for the photographer. To create the best black…

The dawn of MTV pushed the visual element of pop music to the forefront, a trend accelerated by YouTube and countless other platforms. Lyrically, bands have often explored LGBT issues, overtly or through subtle codes, even in less enlightened times. When it comes to videos, however, all too often they are directed at the lowest common denominator. Diversity and inclusion has seldom been at the forefront. That said, the history of LGBT-friendly music videos reaches back a surprisingly long way, and their visibility is thankfully increasing.

The Village People — YMCA — 1978

Has any music group done more to promote LGBT positivity than The Village People…

Spring Sunshine (1865), a work said to be by Claude Monet, is being offered in an auction by Innovation WIthout Borders for $2 million alongside an associated NFT. Image courtesy Innovation Without Borders

Would you spend $2 million on a portray mentioned by its vendor to be by Claude Monet? What if it wasn’t included within the artist’s catalogue raisonné? Would it not assist if the portray got here with an NFT?

That’s the query that the Miami-based Innovation With out Borders, an organization calling itself a cryptocurrency consultancy, is asking the artwork market.

The work on the market, which is claimed to this point from 1865, is billed as “the world’s first Impressionist NFT,” and the sale carries the promise of “piloting a brand new mannequin for personal purchasers who want to…

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