As photography and printing has developed, fashion magazines have been featuring photographs on their covers for decades. The same can be said about advertising, newspapers and even family portraits: everything is being documented with cameras — but does art do it better?

Vogue Archive

From Vogue’s archives, it is fascinating to see the evolution of their covers from their first in December 1892. Beginning as a black and white drawings, Vogue’s covers are iconic, giving us a taste of what was fashionable every year since their first copy.

As covers moved away from their hand drawn aesthetic, photography came more into play…

Photography often seems to get second rating in the art world, things seem to be slowly moving forward in the right direction. Finally, the BBC are bringing out a photography talent series on TV, with the Great British Photography Challenge.

Portrait photographer John Rankin

The series will be mentored by the renowned portrait photographer John Rankin. Back in the day, Rankin founded Dazed magazine and remains one of the UK’s greatest photographers. Rankin’s work has captured a multitude of celebrities, from Kate Moss to The Rolling Stones and the Queen, who he photographed for her Golden Jubilee.

Considering our mental health, has become a hugely topical issue in recent times, discussed much more openly than in the past and especially during lockdown and with Mental Health Awareness theme of nature this year this felt like it was a good time to share experiences and how nature and gardens really help.

Spring Cannot Be Cancelled by David Hockney

After a year of so many challenges, there is no doubt that nature and our gardens have had a huge impact on us all. We appreciate nature and what it presents to us, changing every day and presenting constant progression in life in its positive and colourful…

Did You Know Your Long Showers Are Killing Wildlife? Water Saving Week 2021

Water is something we use mindlessly on a daily basis, we drink, eat and clean with water, but for me water is also a huge inspiration to my art. The month of May brings an awareness theme that is very important — Water Saving Week. Not only is the pollution in our seas of such importance but of course also the huge importance of saving water.

Oenone Hammersley — Underwater Swimming Reflection -2021

Water Saving Week is hosted by ‘Waterwise’; an independent non-profit organisation whose aim is to promote water efficiency. This year’s focus…

Vincent van Gogh, ‘Self-portrait with Bandaged Ear’ 1889 © The Samuel Courtauld Trust, The Courtauld Gallery

Hosted by the Mental Health Foundation, Mental Health Awareness Week will take place from 10–16th May 2021. The theme this year is nature, the chief executive Mark Rowland explains that throughout lockdown, nature has been an escape for so many isolated from in-person contact and for this reason has become a lifeline for those people. Mental health has been a massive part of art for generations. So many artists have had issues with their mental health, assumptively because of their sensitivity to the world around them. …

Conversations around the Coronavirus seem to be never-ending. It is a constant topic on the tv, radio and in person, we can’t escape the words; pandemic, lockdown, or Covid-19! Now we are well versed with restrictions and what we can and can’t do, as well as things finally opening again, we are starting to find ways around the limitations and enjoy a new way of living, outside! Luckily, art exhibitions are no exception.

Travel photography exhibition behind King’s Cross Station

Until restrictions being lifted on 17th May, we have found an answer to not being able to hold gatherings inside by simply putting them on outside. Just…

Ready to Enjoy May Day Weekend & Find New Art & Photography Installations & Events

We’re all looking forward to a great May Day weekend this year, after a hugely challenging year for us all but the weather’s getting better, the days are longer and we deserve to celebrate, re-charge our batteries and generally relax.

History of May Day

So what is the history of May Day? Celebrations go back to pre-Christian times as well as also having its roots in astronomy, as a point in between the spring equinox and the summer solstice. A time filled with agricultural celebration, where we envisage cattle…

International Dance Day (29th April) is hosted by the International Theatre Institute and celebrates the importance of dance. This year in particular has been difficult for so many who love to dance as many places we associate with dancing have been closed due to the pandemic. Theatres, halls and even nightclubs have had empty dancefloors for too long, International Dance Day gives us an excuse to turn up the music and dance like nobody’s watching — because at the moment… No one is!

Self Portrait as Harlequin by Brian Parker

Dance and art go hand in hand, Brian Parker a dancer and painter has found dance to…

Art has been championed since the beginning of civilisation and for centuries people have used art to capture moments in time, its simplicity is what makes art so accessible, before technology — art was there; for communication, therapy, documentation and aesthetics.

Damien Hirst’s Rainbow for NHS

From the storytelling carvings laid down by the Ancient Egyptians to our modern digital art, we rely on art for human relationship and culture. Art is a constant tool, without art we would have a much less colourful and interesting world as well as a limited understanding of the world. …

With World Earth Day on the horizon (22nd April), it is important to remember that although we are in a global pandemic — we still have a lot of work to continue to do to help save our planet.

COVID-19 has been devastating for people all over the world, we have lost loved ones and our freedom as a result of this dreadful virus. The effect of the virus and subsequent restrictions on human activity has meant that the environment has had some time to relax and reset. …

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