5 Facts You May Not Know About Richer Sounds and How the Stories You Tell Make a Big Difference!

At Quite Great, we live and breathe PR, from promoting music to introducing new products and inventions to news of good causes and charities and brands. Brand PR and marketing is a fascinating, exciting and incredibly inventive world. Just think of all the brands you see every day and take for granted, from Coca Cola to Sky to Rolls Royce. All of them started as an initial idea and but grew into ideas and images which immediately mean something to us. Successful brands tell us stories, entertain us and engage with us in many different ways. We love digging under the surface of brands and discovering more, it’s both inspiring and fascinating!

Starting a new series looking at brands and their stories, we look at Richer Sounds, one of the most respected names on the UK high street and one where the brand, marketing, PR and public perception go hand in hand.

Richer Sounds — The UK’s Hi-Fi, Home Cinema and TV Specialists!
  • It’s all in the name! Richer Sounds — as well as describing the audio and visual equipment they sell — is also a play on the founder’s name, Julian Richer.

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